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Who We Are

Foundation Board of Trustees 2014

Brian Bennett, Chairman
Thomas J. Moonan, Vice Chairman
Cindy Cocco-Minelli, Secretary
Mark Kelly, Treasurer & SFMC CFO
Norma Monaghan, President/CEO SFMC Foundation & Sr. Vice President Development SFMC

Tracey Destribats
Richard Devlin
Charles Hill
Rebecca Mullowney, President of CFRC
Christy Stephenson, Interim President & CEO
John Jordan
Dianne Clair
Kris Muse
Frank Lucchesi
John MacDonald
Barbara Strapp Nelson, Esq.

Anthony Persichilli
Matthew Pribila, CPA
Wendell Pribila
Nicole Romano
Ken Stoddard
Ethan Tarasov, MD
Jeffrey Zeiger
J. Delores Baker, SFMC Auxiliary President
Melisa DeStefano
Russ Hansel, Executive Director Mission & Ministry

Community Fund Raising Council 2014

The purpose of the Community Fund Raising Board is to enhance the fund raising efforts of the St. Francis Medical Center Foundation and to cultivate new donors committed to supporting St. Francis Medical Center. All C.F.R.B. activities are under the direction of the Foundation. Members range between the ages of 25-40. For more information on the C.F.R.B. please call the Vice President Development at 609-599-5115.

Rebecca Mullowney, President
Chris Birkenstamm, Executive Vice President

Vittorio Aconi
Kameelah Banks
Lysa Bergenfeld, Esq.
Deputy Mayor Allen Cannon
Todd Coyer
Walter Dandridge
Dave Gabel
Zenovia Galiber
William Hutchinson
Scott Lingrell

Larisa Rottkamp
David Ritz
Robert Pinard
Michael T. Gummel
Norma Monaghan, Board Mentor
Thomas J. Moonan, Honorary Board Mentor
Nicole Romano, Board Mentor
Wendell Pribila, Board Mentor
James F. Bishop, Honorary Board Mentor

Foundation Staff

Norma Monaghan, CFRE
Vice President Development
609-599-5115 (phone)
609-599-6251 (fax)

Jane Hargraves, Executive Assistant
609-599-5609 (phone)
609-599-6463 (fax)


Our St. Francis Medical Center Auxilians are a dedicated group of individuals who have historically worked to support the fund raising efforts of the Medical Center.

Women and men of all ages are encouraged to join the Auxiliary. For more information on becoming involved with The Auxiliary or on Community Outreach events contact (609) 599-5010 or (609) 599-5518.

Members of the Executive Committee:
J. Delores Baker, President
Terri Levitsky, Vice President
Vicki Tennesen, Treasurer
Cathy Dillione Serenelli, Recording Secretary

Amy DiPietro
Jeanne Bergren
Cindy Beers
Regina Deasey
David Flaks
Donna Gaines
Irmy Hughes

Laura Lefaivre
Patricia MaGovern
Marianne Metzger
Dana Mitchell
Rebecca McCarty
Eileen Smith
Leslie Woods

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