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Infectious Disease Center

The Infectious Disease Center at St. Francis Medical Center (ID Center) opened its doors in 2010 to provide comprehensive medical care for people living with, or at risk for, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in and around the Mercer County, NJ area. Patients are evaluated by Infectious Disease Specialist and followed at all times by one of the ID Center’s physicians and/or nurses. We will provide primary care and management of other healthcare issues in the HIV population, (i.e. cardiac issues, diabetes, hypertension, liver issues, etc.) The ID Center is proud to be a program of St. Francis Medical Center. 

Services provided

  • HIV/AIDS treatment - For more than 25 years, individuals have been infected with HIV, (over 1 million in the United States). Early diagnosis and specialty care and treatment are the key to long term survival of this disease.
  • Case Management - Every individual receiving care at the ID Center is strongly encouraged to access case management services, regardless of the immediate need. Engaging with a case manager can help an individual to become more proactive in their care and avoid most crisis situations.
  • Counseling and Testing Services - Free, confidential HIV testing is provided at the ID Center. Positive testing is the only way to diagnose HIV.
  • Gynecology Care - Gynecological (GYN) conditions are the most commonly reported complication of women living with HIV and AIDS. The ID Center provides comprehensive gynecology care on-site and all female patients are encouraged to receive this care.
  • Nutrition Consultation - It is important to eat healthy foods to maintain strength, energy and weight. Healthy foods will also help the body protect itself.
  • Mental Health - The majority of people with HIV experience depression, anxiety, thinking and memory problems and substance abuse, however most individuals are not accessing mental health services. Access to this care is both available and encouraged at the ID Center at St. Francis Medical Center.
  • Community Outreach programs - Although HIV is a very serious infection, many people with HIV and AIDS are living longer, healthier lives today, thanks to expert healthcare providers and new and effective treatments. At the ID Center at St. Francis Medical Center we provide a full complement of outreach and education services.
  • On-site HIV-HCV co-infection care
  • Off-site vision care
  • Off-site dental care
  • Referrals to specialty services

The ID Centers Care Team

The core team members of physicians, nurses and case managers view each office visit as an opportunity for patient education
and counseling rather than just a routine follow up on medical issues. Many problems related to medical therapeutic failures,
hence poor outcomes, are directly related to poor adherence and the lack of patient empowerment through an honest dialogue
and education.

Nick Karabulut, MD – Program Director/Infectious Disease Specialist

For more information or to schedule an appointment at The ID Center, please call 609-599-5560.

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