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Cancer Care

Approved with Commendation as a Community Hospital Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer

The comforts of home become especially important in times of illness. St. Francis Regional Cancer Center offers a full array of cancer services to patients within their community. Multidisciplinary diagnosis, pretreatment evaluation, inpatient care, counseling and support, and outpatient care are all available close to home. And your doctor, who so important to your care, is on hand to help you through any difficulties you may encounter during the course of your disease.

Our comprehensive breast program provides patients who may have found a lump in their breast or have an abnormal mammogram, a timely appointment with a breast specialist. In an effort to decrease apprehension, if a biopsy is recommended most of the time it can be performed that day. With our rapid diagnosis process many women will be made aware of the pathology results that same day. The patient will leave the office with a plan of care in place. Please contact the breast care coordinator for more information on this service.

Our lung cancer treatment team composed of a pulmonologist, surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist, reviews newly diagnosed lung cancer patients to develop the most comprehensive treatment plan to address this disease.

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