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Central Billing Office

Pay Your Bill Online

Online Bill Pay is now available through a safe, easy and free way to access your account and pay your bill online.

Representatives are available to assist you either at the time of your arrival or during your hospital stay. If you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, credit procedures, or your bill after discharge, please do not hesitate to contact us at (609) 599-5766.

Cashier hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.  The cashier is located by the Chambers Lobby Registration on the ground floor.

To inquire about a balance you owe or if you need a copy of a bill call: 1-888-277-8356.

To inquire about a NJ State or Federal Assistance Program call: 609-599-5648 or 609-599-6370.

To speak with a representative regarding problems with your insurance call: 1-888-277-8356 

To submit a payment:

St. Francis Medical Center Billing
P.O. Box 827800
Philadelphia, PA 19182-7800 or

Patient Accounting sends bills to both insurance companies and patients. They also collect and post payments. Payments are accepted by check or money order, and credit card payments may be made using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.

If you have a question regarding the insurance coverage for your procedure or stay, we urge you to contact your insurance carrier for information regarding pre-certification, referrals, coinsurance and deductibles before receiving hospital services.

St. Francis Medical Center accepts most major health insurances carriers, however, you are financially responsibile for your bill for services rendered.


Financial Assistance

If your family income is between the 200-300% of the Federal Poverty guidelines, you may be eligible for NJ State or Federal Assistance to help you pay your hospital bill.

Patients that do not qualify for NJ State or Federal Assistance may be eligible for a prompt pay discount.  To qualify for the prompt pay discount the bill must be paid within 30 days of service or a payment plan has been established during that time. The prompt pay discount cannot be applied to the insurance plan deductible or co-payment amount.  Contact the St. Francis Medical Center billing department for more information about the prompt payment discount at 1-888-277-8356.

Please call our financial counselors at 609-599-5648 or 5647 to complete an application for financial assistance.

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