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The LIFE team will:

  • Make a special healthcare plan for and with each participant.
  • Manage all healthcare services for participants.
  • Help participants to live safely in the community.

These experts provide valuable skills and experience so that program participants remain comfortably at home. They take the time to get to know each participant well.

Meet Our Life Care Team

LIFE team members

  • Geriatricians are doctors who care for the elderly. These doctors spend more time with their patients and they treat them so they can stay independent.
  • Nurses at LIFE St. Francis also spend more time with program participants than in other settings. Changes in health are watched closely.
  • Social Workers provide ongoing help and answers for elders and their families.
  • Activities Staff at our LIFE Center offer many healthy and fun activities.
  • Nutritionists help participants to eat healthy meals.
  • LIFE Specialists help with personal care needs at home and at the LIFE Center.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists provide programs to keep the highest levels of physical ability. Transportation Staff is trained to meet the special needs of seniors.
  • LIFE St. Francis Chaplain supports the spiritual needs of participants and families as desired.

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