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LIFE Services

Participants receive all healthcare services from LIFE St. Francis. Other than emergency care, all services must be authorized by the care team. A provider within the LIFE network must deliver these services. Participants may be personally liable for the cost of unauthorized or out of network services. LIFE St. Francis services include:

  • LIFE Center services (meals, exercise and fun activities).
  • Dental care, including dentures.
  • Vision care, including glasses.
  • Hearing care, including hearing aids.
  • Podiatry.
  • Medical and specialty care, including a doctor who knows elder care.
  • Nursing care (including at home).
  • Drug coverage (including over the counter drugs).
  • Transportation.
  • Medical equipment and supplies.
  • Help with meals and nutrition.
  • Occupational and physical therapies and equipment.
  • Support for caregivers and family members.
  • Home and personal care.
  • Mental health services.
  • End-of-life care.
  • Hospital and nursing home stays.
  • Services such as lab work, X-rays and surgery.
  • 24-hour access to our care team.

In short, LIFE St. Francis provides all the medical and nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional services, and social work support needed by a participant.   When it is best for the senior, these services can be provided at home. If hospital, nursing home or home care is needed, it is coordinated through the LIFE St. Francis team.

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