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Generic Curriculum

The generic curriculum has the same courses as the extended program. Many of them can be taken at any time and preference is given to those applicants who have successfully completed college course work, particularly Anatomy & Physiology. However, there are certain courses that are pre-requisites for other courses. These are as follows:

First Fall
NSG-131                             Concepts Nursing I  
Pre-requisites: Admission to the program
NSG-137   Co-requisite:  Anatomy & Physiology I
First Spring
NSG-135   Concepts of Nursing II
NSG 131
NSG 137
Introductory Psychology
Anatomy & Physiology I   
Co-requisite:  Anatomy & Physiology II
NUR-151   Co-requisite: Pharmacology in Nursing
First Summer
NSG-133   Concepts of Nursing III
NSG 135
Developmental Psychology Across the Life Span
Anatomy & Physiology II
Second Fall
NSG-234   Concepts of Nursing IV
NSG 133
English Composition I
Pharmacology in Nursing
Co-requisite: Microbiology
Second Spring
NSG-232   Concepts of Nursing V
NSG 234                                                

Other Course Requirements Prior to Graduation

ENG 102 English Composition II  
MAT Mathematice Elective (3/0) algebraic or statistical math 100 level or higher 
PHI Ethics or Moral Choices (PH 205)  
* Science and math courses, if taken prior to admission, must be less than 10 years old.
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