Clinical Portal

Use the link below for remote access through the Citrix Access Gateway from any location or device outside St Francis Medical Center to the “Physician Provider Portal”.  Providers enter the identical credentials (user name and password as used when on site at the hospital).  Once through the portal click on the “FTN Physician Provider Portal” icon and this will auto launch your Soarian session.

Use the link below for Internet remote access through the Juniper Portal.
First time users will be prompted to download client software to their PC.  Authorized users will have access to Soarian Clinicals, secure network email, and other clinical applications.

Use this link below to access digital radiology images via the PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System). First time users will be prompted to download the necessary web viewer to their PC.
Click here to enter PACS

Use the links below to access Nursing Reference Center, CINAHL Fulltext
(From remote sites only) (Password required)
Nursing Reference Center: Click on link below,uid&profile=nrc

Use the link below to access Medline Full Text
(From remote sites only) (Password required)
Check with Librarian for ID and Password…

Nursing:CINAHL Fulltext Click on link below,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=c8h

Medline : Click on link below,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=cmedm

If you need help in setting up remote access or have password problems call the Help Desk at 609-599-6410.

For training in all clinical systems including Soarian/Physician Provider Portal, PACS, MUSE or to schedule an appointment for remote connectivity from your office or mobile device please contact Clinical Informatics at 609-599-5130.
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