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Community Outreach

Providing Healthcare To The Community Is The Heart Of Our Mission.

At St. Francis Medical Center we take pride in providing high-quality medical treatment and services to promote wellness and enhance the health of the community. Our dedicated and competent health care team consisting of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and staff work together to further our mission of being a transforming healing presence within the communities we serve.

Primary Medical Care is one of the most fundamental of services required to insure the good health of any individual. We believe the health of our community is enhanced through our mobile health team.  

Our mobile health team has become a symbol of our commitment to our community and to our mission to serve others.   For more than a decade the primary goal of our team has been to provide better access to care for all members of our neighborhood.  In addition, free education and screenings have been made available to all.

The mobile health team coordinates with community agencies, such as school departments, councils on aging, health centers and the housing authority to reach the people who need these services the most — seniors, teens and families who do not have access to medical care.

St. Francis Medical Center  Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy 2017-2019

Click here to view 2017-2019 Community Health Needs Assessment Implementation Strategy.

2016 Community Needs Assessment For Trenton

View the 2016 Community Needs Assessment for Trenton.
View the 2016 Community Needs Assessment Update and Addendum.
View the 2013 Community Needs Assessment for Trenton.

To fulfill our mission, St. Francis Medical Center offers the following Outreach Service:

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